Rubber Duckie Derby
Monongahela Rotary
Rubber Duckie Derby
July 14, 2019
Monongahela Aquatorium
1:00 pm
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Rotary Club of Monongahela
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Hills Restaurant
107 Main St.
New Eagle, PA  15063
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Is it the truth?
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Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
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Club Business May 9 and 16
May 16: The opening bell was rung at 12:08; the club members and guests recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the invocation as usual.  Guests included Bill Calloway, Ringgold Interact Advisor, and Students of the Month Anthony Romasco and Faith Martin.  Lenny Romasco, father of Anthony, attended as a guest of Marshall Marra.
Betsie announced that the scholarship applications will be reviewed at the end of the meeting.  She said anyone who might like to help to review them is invited to stay after today's meeting.  She also said that next week’s speaker will be Susan Evans, a survivor of ovarian cancer, and that the speaker on May 30 will be Chris Beichner, President and CEO of the Allegheny Land Trust.  The Allegheny Land Trust holds the title to the Joshua C. Whetzel Preserve, locally known as River Hill.  This is the south-facing slope of the hill that faces Monongahela from across the river.  The entire area, 212 aces, has been placed in a permanent ownership as a land trust since 2003.  
Rich Bucchianeri gave a brief report regarding the activities of the the 250th anniversary of Monongahela, and Terry Necciai provided some additional information.  We are having some difficulty arranging a time when a representative from the all-volunteer Monongahela Area Historical Society can attend one of our meetings to accept our $1,000 contribution to provide comfort stations for the celebration, but hope to have a date confirmed soon.
Debbie Mangino gave a brief report on our annual Rubber Ducky Derby.  She said that she needs the letters at this point that would be sent to the sponsors.
Laura D’Emidio announced that she’s pregnant and due 22 November.
Sandy Davis suggested that the club ask Kevin Harris, the new Monongahela City Police Chief to be a speaker in the near future. 
Gabe Paulick went over the arrangements for President’s Night.  It will be at the Back Porch on June 14th.  Cocktails will be from 6:00 to 6:30, dinner at 6:30.
Debbie Mangino reported that she is having an open house at her newly refurbished and expanded salon on June 4, 2:  to 4 pm.
Half the Take: Lenny Ramasco won the ticket but not the card.
The club recited the Four-Way Test and the closing bell was rung at 12:52.
May 9:  President Elect Gabe Paulick called the meeting to order at 12:06.  The club members recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the invocation as usual.
Gabe reported that President’s Night has been scheduled for June 14th, at the Back Porch restaurant in Speers, beginning with cocktails at 6 pm.
Laura De’Emidio suggested that the club hold an “Adults-Only” Easter Egg Hunt, a kind of fundraising event where certificates for prizes are in some of the plastic eggs scattered on the ground, which everyone in attendance gathers up and then checks.
Terry Necciai announced that a new shop is opening today on Main Street in New Eagle.  Owned by Marylou Westbrook Blacka, it is located in the Valiani Building where Queen Anne’s Lace was most recently (and where Yesterday’s Best got its start).  The new shop is called “Industrial Farmhouse Living.”  It features rustic furnishings, distressed pieces, and industrial-themed decorating pieces. 
Gabe said that he is going to a by-invitation-only preview of Pho Valley, the new Vietnamese restaurant where the Country Club Deli used to be, across Rt.88 from the Monongahela Valley Hospital.  Gabe was the realtor who arranged for the new owners to buy the building.
Half the Take: Jamie Roberts won the ticket but not the card.
The club recited the Four-Way Test.  The closing bell was rung at 12:41.
Meeting of May 2, 2019
Speaker - Ray Mosco
Mike Thornton introduced our speaker, Ray Mosco.
Ray is the business development officer for cfs Bank.  He is from the Mon Valley, having lived first in Monessen and then Charleroi.  He has a degree in business from California University of Pennsylvania.  He worked for City Financial for 17 years, and then for a while for National City.  He has been with cfs Bank now for 15 years.  His wife was in the business department at Charleroi High School for 36 years.
Ray said that cfs Bank was founded in 1936, with one office in Charleroi, which then had one teller station worked by one teller.  Since then, it has grown to include 10 branch offices.  The Seven Fields office is the one furthest north (in Seven Fields Borough, Butler County) and the Connellsville office (in Fayette County) is the one furthest south.  The office at Southpointe (Washington County) is the one furthest to the northwest.  The company has about 70 employees, many of whom have worked for the bank for many years. Ray’s sister-in-law, for instance, has been with the bank for almost 40 years.  Five years ago, the bank changed its name from Charleroi Federal Savings and Loan to cfs Bank. 
He explained that as a mutual savings bank, cfs Bank has a board of directors but no shareholders.  This kind of bank grows more slowly, but the advantage is that it is not subject to the control  of powerful shareholders that might want to change the bank’s direction more quickly.  It has historically been a mortgage-based bank, meaning that they made a lot of loans to homeowners and businesses as their primary business activity.  The bank's commercial products include:  commercial mortgages, term loans, lines of credit especially for businesses, and business credit cards. 
Club members had a discussion with Ray about products that the Club might want to utilize, such as the bank's online bill-pay.  There was a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages for businesses or non-profit organizations using bill-pay, vs. writing checks or sharing bank card numbers with the individual companies they may be paying online.  The Bank recommends using bill-pay primarily, at least for recurrent bills.  They also offer both business credit cards and debit cards for business (or non-profit business) accounts.  There was a discussion about the advantages of a business credit card, vs. using a debit card on the organization’s account.  A business credit card allows the individual to pay a bill that needs to be paid on behalf of the organization without exposing the club’s main bank account.  The credit card is assigned to an individual, which also makes that person somewhat personally accountable for how the expenditure is handled. 
Ray said he’d be glad to work with the Monongahela Rotary Club on whatever the Club may need. 
Club Business May 2
The President rang the bell to open the meeting at 12:07.  The club members pledged the flag and sang the normal invocation.
There was discussion about this year's speaker for the Boy’s Luncheon, Martin Shepherd of EQT.  Everyone seemed to be pleased, and there were many other positive comments by members who had attended the luncheon.  Some potential improvements for next year include a paper program and providing Rotary Four-Way Test Coins to all of the students and teachers in attendance.  
It was announced that we have received several applications for this year’s scholarships.  Anyone interested in participating in the selection process was encouraged to view the applications in the Club's email account,  
Debbie Mangino gave some thoughts about the upcoming Ducky Derby at the Aquatorium.  It will be at 1:00 pm on July 14th, as that is the second Sunday in July.  Most things about the event will not change from the way they were done last year, but we will add the name “Monongahela” to the T-shirts.  
We talked about the sponsors for the event this year.  The lead financial sponsors last year were Monongahela Valley Hospital and the Washington County Community Foundation.  The Observer-Reporter provided an in-kind sponsorship by providing an article and a front-page banner ad and will be approached again this year.  We have discussed having EQT as a sponsor this year in recognition of EQT's annual gift to our Club.  Debbie will check with Stephanie Paluda at EQT about this.
Betsie will be at the District Conference this weekend, and she will make a brief presentation, as has been requested, on our lock-down buckets project.  It was announced that Jamie Roberts has agreed to coordinate our road-side clean up activities.  More information to follow.
It was decided that President's Night will be held at the Back Porch.  Gabe Paulick will make the arrangements.
Next week, the program will be by the Monongahela 250th Committee of the Monongahela Area Historical Society.  They will come and give us an update on the event activities, and we will present them with the $1,000 check to provide comfort stations at the anniversary celebration.  May 16 will be a Club Assembly. 
Deb Mangino won the ticket but not the card.  At meeting's end the Club recited the Rotary Motto and the Four-Way Test.  The closing bell was rung at 1:08.