The January 24 Club meeting was dedicated to assembling 100 Rotary Lockdown Buckets for the Ringgold School District and we were pleased to have four members of the Ringgold Interact Club join us, along with Ringgold Senior Security Advisor Tom Thompson.  Interact students assisting were Alexa Vaccaro, Anna Vogt, Kylee Knvijonski and Alexa Skorvan.  We were also pleased to welcome Anissa Ribnicky and Rebekah Packey from the Belle Vernon Lowe's who donated 100 buckets for this project.  Juliette Smith, a Rotarian who recently relocated to Monongahela from North Carolina, joined us again this week.  And Harry Funk, a visiting Rotarian from the McMurray Rotary Club and a reporter from the Observer-Reporter, was in attendance to learn more about this project.
Before the buckets were assembled, the following information was shared:
Columbine High School; 13 innocent lives ended
Virginia Tech; 32 innocent lives ended
Sandy Hook Elementary; 27 innocent lives ended
Stoneman Douglas High School; 17 innocent lives ended
Sante Fe High School; 10 innocent lives ended
Beyond the dead and wounded, children who witness the violence or cower behind locked doors to hide from it can be profoundly traumatized.  The Washington Post reports that the count of children exposed to gun violence now stands at more than 220,000 children at 225 schools.  
Unfortunately, we are not able to stop school shootings but as Rotarians we can help to ensure that our local students and educators are prepared in case of an active shooter or other incident that would cause one of the Ringgold schools to go on lockdown mode.  We pledge to continue this service project until there is a Rotary Lockdown Bucket in every classroom in the Ringgold School District.  After the buckets were assembled, several Rotarians loaded the buckets into their vehicles and delivered them to the Ringgold High School where additional Interact members were waiting to unload the buckets.
Included in the buckets were the following items: flashlight and batteries, paper towels, hand sanitizer, shower curtain, toilet paper, garbage bags, latex gloves, first aid kit, ibuprofen and duct tape.  Topping each bucket was a toilet lid.  Our Club extends its greatest appreciation to the following businesses who contributed items for this project: Belle Vernon Lowe's, Mon Valley Hospital, Davis Travel, Deb Mangino Hair Designs, Lady Barber and the Washington County Community Foundation.  Special recognition and appreciation is extended to Sandy Davis, Chairman of the Rotary Lockdown Bucket project.  
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