The Monongahela Rotary Club held a Club Assembly over lunch at Hills Restaurant on March 14, 2019, with 14 members and one honorary member in attendance.  The opening bell was rung at 12:03, followed by the pledge of allegiance to the flag and the singing of our normal invocation.  Rotarian Ken Cole was welcomed back as he has been unable to attend weekly meetings for some time.
Items discussed included the Funny Fundraiser on March 23.  Sandy said she has picked up 500 cups to use for drinks.  Gabe said he would pick up a couple of cases of pop and would order four kegs of beer.  For our next meeting, the members will gather at the New Eagle Firemen's Social Center to set up for the event.  Lunch will be pizza which Laura volunteered to bring to the meeting.  Each club member is asked to bring a Chinese auction item on Thursday.  
On Friday, 28 June, we have reservations to attend a Wild Things ball game in Washington, Pa.
Information was presented regarding the District Conference, which will be held on May 3 and 4 at Seven Springs.  Brig. Gen. Dave Papak, a Monongahela area resident and a recent speaker at our Club, will be the keynote speaker at the conference.  The President urged members to attend, if only for a day, as this will be the last district conference for District 7330.  We will be submitting the paperwork for the District Governor's District Citation this year.
The 250th Anniversary of Monongahela was discussed.  The Club agreed to have a float in the Anniversary parade scheduled for August 10 and Sandy suggested that we approach the Belle Vernon Rotary to borrow their inflatable Rotary sign, which could be put on the float.  There was discussion regarding our Club providing a financial contribution to the Monongahela Historical Society to rent porta potties and hand-washing stations for the celebration.  This could provide a marketing opportunity as Rotary's first service project, performed by the Chicago Rotary Club, was to provide comfort stations (bathrooms).  Another idea advanced was recycling receptacles for plastic beverage bottles.  Betsie will contact the Monongahela Historical Society for input on what is most needed.
Club Treasurer Steve raised the possibility of transferring our bank account from cfs Bank to another bank that would be more convenient for him and that would also provide more on-line services.  Discussion ensued regarding high fees charged at other banks as well as the fact that only cfs Bank has members in our Club.  More information will be secured before a decision is made.
Stephanie Wehrle-Davies and her family sent a card to the Club, thanking us for the wind chime which was sent to the funeral home in memory of her father, Dr. Tom Wehrle.
Half the Take:  Laura D'Emidio won the ticket but not the card.   At meetings end, the Club recited the Rotary Motto and the Four-Way Test.  The closing bell was rung at 12:56.